Help Team Guatemala attend the Bogota, Columbia Tang Soo Do Internationals  

Sat April 6, 2024

(Open to all styles, by invitation)

Tournament Location 

Callahan Methodist Church

449648 Us Highway 301 

Callahan, FL 32011

Competition in:
1) Forms
2) Sparring
3) Padded Weapons Sparring

Tournament Schedule
9:30 AM Doors Open
10:30AM Line Up

$45: Online REG on/before April 5, 2024 (OPEN NOW!) 


Spectator Fees paid at the Door.
Spectators $5 Family $10

Tournament Rules


1. We reserve the right of Admission/Participation

2. Is the responsibility of each Instructor, Trainer or person in charge and participant to know and understand the rules of the tournament.

3. The presence of the General Public or any person not authorize in the competition area is completely prohibited.  

4. Inappropriate conduct or lack of respect in the part of the competitor, instructor, representative, person in charge or team mates, will result in the competitor being automatically disqualified / or school or the entire organization.

5. All participants must be properly uniformed and identified according to style or Organization. Sleeves above the elbow, or "Sport Style" multi-colored uniforms are not permitted.  When in doubt, send a photo before arriving, because #2: Is the responsibility of each Instructor, Trainer or person in charge and participant to know and understand the rules of the tournament. 

6. Please note: There will not be any refund of registration fees for any reason, to competitors already registers. The promoter to his/her discretion may offer a credit for a future event.

2) FORMS:  

Only forms (Hyungs or Katas) that are recognized requirements in any attending school are allowed. Forms must be “Traditional forms” (i.e. No splits, gymnastic or acrobatic type moves)


Safety equipment: Mouth piece, Head, Hand, Foot Gear required. Groin cup recommended.


The competitor to the Center Ref left side is "Red".  The competitor to the Center Referees right side is "Blue". A majority refs are required for a point to be awarded.  When a Ref wants to make a call he/she yells "STOP!" (Not POINT") At the time the Center Refs calls "STOP" and brings the competitors back to their original starting lines and says "Judges CALL!"  At that point the Refs will make 1 of the following 5 calls:

1.  "POINT!": Raising a Flag for a point. (I.e Red Flag for a point for Red, or the Blue Flag for Blue)
2. "NO POINT": Making an "X" with the flags at their waist level
3. "CONTACT" or "ILLEGAL TECHNIQUE": Ref motions with a right punch to their left hand 3 times
4. "OUT OF THE RING": Ref points to Out of the Ring with the Offending Flag. (i.e. If Red is out of bounds, the Ref points out of bounds with the Red Flag)

Once the Center Ref determines the call, he motions to the Score Keeper and makes the call.  The Score Keeper repeats it back.  The Center Ref listens to hear the confirmation, then resumes the match.


The front and side of the body from the belt up. The head, specifically the front and side of the face (No contact to the face area: i.e. eyes, nose, mouth, “triangle area”)


Any part of the body below the belt.
Any part of the back (from the seam on the side of the uniform and back).
Back of the neck, top of the head, No contact to the eyes, nose, mouth “triangle area”


Light contact to the body and head.
(No contact to the face area: i.e. eyes, nose, mouth, “triangle area”)
Hand techniques include lead punch, reverse punch, backfist, and ridge hand.


No Spin Backfist
No open hand, (ie palm heels or spear hand techniques not allowed). No elbow or knee kicks allowed                                  


Excessive Contact: A majority of the judges must call for excessive contact.  1st and 2nd Offense: Award a point to the person hit, or Disqualify (DQ) the competitor if the judges determine the contact was extremely excessive.  3rd Offense: DQ 

Illegal techniques:  1st Offense, verbal warning.  2nd Offense, Award a point to the person receiving the illegal technique.  3rd Offense: DQ


Matches are two minutes, high score wins
If there is a tie after the first round, there will be an additional 1 minute round. Continue with 1 minute rounds until the tie is broken. (No sudden victory. 1 minute tie breaker rounds will be used).

4) PADDED WEAPON SPARRING: Padded Stick (NOT Handmade PVC Pipe) Head and Hand Gear required. Additional padding allowed, (i.e. Forearm, shin, foot, chest, leg padding). No “hard” plastic shin gear allowed (i.e. soccer plastic shin guards). Eye protection and Groin cup recommended.

REF CALLS: Same calls as point sparring

A) POINTS: All techniques are 1 point. A majority of judges needed to score.
First and Second disarm (A disarm is when the opponent drops his padded stick, either by striking the opponents weapon out of their hand, with your padded stick): Award a point for the person who disarmed his opponent.  Third disarm is DQ for the offender. 

B) ACCEPTABLE TARGET AREA: Front and side of the entire body. The head, specifically the front (no contact allowed to the "Face Triangle": Eyes, Nose, and Mouth area)  and side of the face.

C) UNACCEPTABLE TARGET AREA: The back, back of the neck, top of the head, No contact to the “Face Triangle” (eyes, nose, mouth)

  • REG on/before April 5, 2024


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